This Is, Your Moment...


Life is filled with some of the most incredible moments. These moments are the biggest of the big. I am talking BIG; y'all's wedding day, the waiting for a child, a few weeks after your baby has arrived, your child's first birthday, and so many more BIG moments. These moments should be documented in a way that is beautiful and timeless. Don't let these moments go without being shared in a way that is unique to you. 


A Promise

I can promise you two things during this lifestyle session; 

  1. Your photos will be 100% YOU & THIS MOMENT!

- These are y'all's photos, y'all's memories, and y'all's time to shine. I can promise they will be natural, authentic, & real. I don't believe in fake photos; photos that are heavy edited with fake skin or overly white teeth, but I do believe in you and this BIG moment in y'all life.

      2. Confident, Bold, and Fearless.

- I understand getting in front of a camera can be hard. It really can, but I can promise that during this lifestyle session everyone will feel confident, bold, and fearless. At the end of (Insert Name Of The Lifestyle Event) session I don't want you to remember the camera that was in front of your face, but the smiles, laughs, and memories we create together.

My goal is that the entire experience is fun and oh so exciting. I want to not only create visual images for BIG Moment, but also create happy memories that you can carry for many years to come. 


• Q - What is the lifestyle collection?                                                                                                    
• Q - Do you travel with the lifestyle collection?                                  
• Q - Can we add another location?

• A - The lifestyle collection is created upon your inquiry. Life shouldn't be put in a box, and your lifestyle collection shouldn't be either. 
• A - Of course. The lifestyle collections do require me to travel, which is 100% ok with me.  
• A - We sure can. I support that. I want these sessions to be all about y'all and y'all's life. This collection is 100% customizable.


The Process...


     The Dixie J. experience starts as soon as you send your inquiry form. Right then and there is where it all starts. I will get in touch with you. I will lay it all out on the table when it comes to the nitty gritty stuff. I believe in being upfront and honest right in the beginning. We will not only get to know each other, but we will chat about all the creative details. This is where all questions are asked and answered. No question is silly in my book.

     The day before your session we will make sure you have everything we talked about from now and the first time we talked. My goal is that we will have prepared you so much that on your session day you can just enjoy. 

     However, once we have wrapped up the session we will take a second to re-chat about the delivery part of the process. I still promise to be with you every step of the way, even after we finish the session. I will send you sneak peaks as soon as I can. Once your collection is finished I will email it to you with directions on how to get the most out of your photos. 

     In the Dixie J. Experience I am here for you every stop of the way … and … that is a guarantee. 


Sneak Peaks...