Comfort Zones: Are You In or Out?


Ok Friends! Let’s talk about something that has literally been a weight on my heart. About 2 months ago I was laying in bed wide eyed. I had just red an article about doing all the things to help you fall asleep better, so of course my phone was plugged in across the room and I think I had already counted about 400 sheep. I kept hearing the Lord say, “Get out of bed, go to your desk & open pages.” SERIOUSLY! It was way passed midnight and I had already put in a 16 hour work day. I kept saying, “Oh I’ll do that first thing in the morning, 34 sheep … 35 sheep … 36 Sheep. “Get out of bed, go to your desk & open pages.” Yes sir! So I grabbed a blanket, wrapped up and this happened ….

Comfort Zone: Safe, Comfortable, Limited, Easy. These are all words that come to my mind when I hear the words C-O-M-F-O-R-T Z-O-N-E. Wether we would like to admit it or not we all like to live in this place. It’s easy … so who wouldn’t. Comfort Zone’s don’t require anything out of you. They don’t require you to go the extra mile. They don’t push you to get out of bed early in the morning or even consider staying up late. No Comfort Zone’s wrap you up in a big soft TJ Maxx blanket and hold you. They limit you; creatively. Inside your comfort zone new inspirations do not live, just the old ones. However, here is the kicker … Comfort Zone’s do not require much, but they require so much of yourself to … settle.


     Let’s just let that one sink in. Dang it. Something that is so easy, but destroys so much of your actual self. So, what is outside of our comfort zone? Opportunities, Adventures, and Change. You will not find these things in your comfort zone, no you will find them right on the other side. These things will require you to take risks, step out, and fulfill your purpose. They come in forms of big brave moments and small little steps that will eventually change a big habit. They however also come in the form of tears, laughter, and absolute hands in the air, you on your knees asking God what is next. That is why getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy! To be honest it is the complete opposite … UNCOMFORTABLE. Me too, I hate being uncomfortable! However, I am learning that I love watching the Lord’s plan unfold way more.

 Just like some college students I have been towards the end of my college career and had no earthly idea what I wanted to do. Every one kept asking, ok you have x amount of months left, so what is next? Oh bless it, I do not know! All I knew is that I wanted to be a photographer (but not until I was married with a few kids and I was ready to work from home, cause you know that is just the smart thing). So, since I was dead set on photography being my #adult job I had no idea what I was going to do until then. I graduated college early, I had wonderful resume eye catching jobs and even though I looked real good on paper I still had this burning desire in my heart that there was more. 3 years after college and a bunch of moving boxes later the flame in my heart was so bright that I just could not take it any more. I simply could not handle it anymore. I was not fulfilling my purpose. I was not growing. I felt limitless. I felt … well … Comfortable. Getting out of this comfort zone and saying ok, Lord I am yours and your will be done, came in one of those forms of a big brave move. One day I was doing XYZ and the next I was Dixie J, a Lifestyle Portrait Photographer … Officially. My comfort zone was so comfortable that it ended up suffocating me. It left me breathless. After I took that big brave move I felt like I had just stepped over the finish line of an uphill battle race. My comfort zone is and was powerless!

     Growing is not a requirement, especially not in a comfort zone, but it is something that you need to do to keep moving forward. To keep fulfilling your purpose. The Lord never put a comfort zone in your plan. He never boxed you up and said ok now sit. No, He says move. He says run. He says, Go. So, where are you? Right now … Are you currently just chillin or are you wiping the tears, icing your knees, and lacing up your running shoes? Go. Stop settling. The Lord never gave us a heart to settle. If he did then you would not have that desire to keep growing burning in your heart. Don’t give your comfort zone that much power. Because my dear friend the same power in you is the same power Jesus has!

If you have made it this far I want you to know that I am not sharing this to say I have it figured out or that I am ALWAYS out of my comfort zone! Oh bless, no! This is seriously one of my biggest struggles. I will admit I like the comfort in knowing how it will be or how it will turn out. This page document titled - The Comfort Zone - has been sitting on my desk top and little did I know two months later I would need to be the one reading this! Stepping outside of that powerless place and sharing something I so desperately needed to hear! I have no idea where you are, but where ever you are I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. STEP OUT … & keep moving forward!